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January 25th, 2013, 21:47
Or you could be smarter than the average bear, and use this fix for it, like i do.

you know, im sick of how riddled with info this site is. there is too much info on installing the game here.
I have a fool proof method to get game to work without any sound issues. and its way simpler than most of the posted ways.


1- Install Game
2- Apply 1.1 update, go into TRIVIUM folder and open 1.01 and move everything over and override when asked.
3- Apply 1.6 patch ( or current version)
4- add Russian sound files, override when asked.
5- Open Game and when asked for serial, open keygen and follow directions

P.S. - this is the same method i used 2 years ago when game was released, and the same method we had up on the deep shadows forums. (yes, its a crack and keygen….but the official release used the crack and keyge, so i dont really care about posting the fix.

Well go ahead and use the "diskless" version if you want to mess up the final scene of the game and ruin the ending.
deep shadows (or GG or whoever it was) stole this crack and keygen from TRIVIUM for the english direct version so you could bypass the starforce protection…
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