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January 25th, 2013, 23:34
Gothic 3 is not only one of my best gaming experiences ever, but also one of my best life experiences ever. Most people might consider this a wild exaggeration, but it's true. I doubt I can reach the level of enjoyment I got from some parts of the game ever again. Of course it became really confusing near the end (especially in Nordmar) and it prevented me form leaving its world with the best impression, but that's just 10 hours out of 90. It's easy to forgive.

Personal prattle aside, I definitely recommend playing the game. As Gorath said, Gothic 3 is still a hit or miss title even with all of these patches and fixes. If it's a miss, you won't lose much, but if it hits, there are few RPGs that hit so hard. So take your chances.
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