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January 26th, 2013, 00:42
Peter, aside from our regular Friday toons, the only one I have who could run with any of yours is my level 19 Ranger.

Dte, I'd be taking action against the school.

Sherwin, I ran my Sorc to 20 with the group here and he was a great nuker, but my main gripe was that I built a fire savant who was good early on, but who became less effective towards the end. This was before the Epic levels were introduced. Wizzies can change spells easily and can access far more than a sorc, but they don't have as many SP's and they cast much slower (unless you quicken every spell).
Pure casters don't get evasion. I buff just like you do. What I have done with one of my toons is make a Wiz with 2 levels of Rogue. This gives me evasion as well as locks and traps in exchange for 2 levels of high level spells. It's a compromise and until he reaches level 20 I won't be sure whether it was worthwhile.
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