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January 26th, 2013, 05:50
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Ehm ok.

Thanks for crushing all my hopes for a good SW entirely

Star Trek was a piece of shit - and the less said about LOST and JJ Abrams the better.

The man represents everything that's bad about modern Hollywood.
OMG! I'm agreeing with DArt over something. The JJ Abrams being everything that is bad about modern Hollywood part mind you. I did find Star Trek entertaining despite the sub-average script. It just not memorable.

Originally Posted by Lucky Day View Post
If you ask me they should have the next Star Trek series where the Borg take over the galaxy (and assimilate earth). The Trekkies have to flee to the Beta Quadrant with help from the Wormhole Aliens. It would get back to its roots as Wagon Train in Space and the Borg make a good excuse to regress in their technology advances (dilithium crystals become rare and a desperately vital commodity), etc. But I'm not JJ Abrams.
If they do a future Prime Trek series I personally hope that they follow up on the relaunch books. They are mostly following on the TV series and pre-2009 movies. One of those novel trilogy was dealing with the Borg (I'm currently reading it). They were not too happy after the Voyager final…
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