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January 26th, 2013, 07:40
No you're not.

You don't get power level XP penalty at epic levels. Read the rules:
Power-leveling penalty: (individual) If you are exactly 4 levels below the highest-level character in the party, you receive a -50% penalty. If you are 5 levels below, you receive a -75% penalty. If you are 6 levels below, you receive a -99% penalty. If you are 7 or more levels below, you receive no XP regardless of bonuses. Characters that are level 20 or 21 do not receive a power-level penalty, even when grouped with level 24-25 characters.

So the only possible penalty remaining is the level of the quest vs the highest level in the group. If we do Epic normal you get no penalty if doing a level 24 normal quest. Epic Hard can be done at level 23 normal quest without penalty.

The 4 Demonweb quests are level 23 and can be done at Epic Hard (not a problem) without penalty.

The 5 High Road quests are level 24 and can be done at epic normal or epic hard without a penalty.

The Sschindyrlyn quests are level 22 so doing them epic hard means a 10% penalty (same as when one person dies). I don't think that's an issue.

Actually the penalty you get from repeating the quest is higher. You've done all of these quests several times.

At epic levels you often see the LFM's looking for 20-25. People farm the quests for XP for their epic destinies and not their actual levels. The bonuses you get from regular levels are minor compared to new Epic Destiny points / levels.
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