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January 26th, 2013, 10:51
I'm very interested in PvP if it's team arena/map. I'm very happy with MOBA genre. No classic quests there, but no utterly annoying grinding either!

If it's however 1vs1 duels, I'll skip it as most developers never heard or care about balance and so 99% of players will play the OP class = boring "OMG did I really wasted my time on this" game.
Usually in such cases developer makes a class or class combo or itemset for a class that provides huge HP/resistance so you're against a miniboss, abnormal DPS so you die after 3 hits, gapcloser so noone can run away and longlasting cc (stun) just in case you managed to dodge one of those three hits that would kill you, started running to the safe area or something, but your "poor" opponent's gapcloser skill is on cooldown.
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