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January 26th, 2013, 12:40
Though the game is not necessarily based on open world PvP - it's a significant part of it.

I'd say the sandbox elements are the core of the experience, including stuff like crafting your own house, ship, castle and so on. You can grow your own food and plant trees that actually grow visibly. Stuff like that.

Then there's the massive exploration elements both on land and under water. It's probably the most elaborate underwater MMO in existence. You can get stuff like diving helmets with lights so you can explore the deeper areas.

You can be a pirate and have your own pirate ship - and attack other ships/towns from sea and get a complete Sea Dogs/Pirates! game as well. Resources and the economy is going to play a major role.

So, if you're not into that kind of Ultima "virtual world" experience - I'd definitely stay away.

If you're looking for just another themepark with no player influence or content, this is definitely not it - it just has those elements as well, so players can be eased into the world.

By the way, the world is really beautiful and the game is running on CryEngine 3.




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