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January 26th, 2013, 12:42
Originally Posted by azarhal View Post
The most important part of that interview is:

The game won't look at all like DAO that almost introduced the concept of brown, light brown, red brown and more brown when it come to the color palette.
Would have to disagree with you there. I would say the whole point of the interview -- especially since he's talking about art work and colour palettes without actually providing screenshots -- is that "artist was disappointed with [past games] but thinks [upcoming game which you haven't made up your mind about yet] will be beautiful."

Is no more than the standard "attempt to draw back people who were disappointed with what came before by promising something different" interview.

This is one of those pieces where the phrase "put up or shut up" keeps running through my head. I don't want some artist to wax eloquent about how pretty the game is: just show me. It's not hard to do on the internet.

Am just surprised that they chose to waste such an interview on graphics when it'll be obvious from the very first screenshot whether those graphics appeal or not. I'd have thought they'd do it with an aspect of the game that doesn't come across 100% through a screenshot, like level or quest design; something for which I'd have to take them at their word until buying the game and playing it. (unless this is an attempt to mitigate Bioware's recent "Bullshit PR" reputation as well: "Artist says it's pretty… it IS pretty! WOW! They spoke true! We can believe EVERYTHING they say, now!")

(boy, did THAT ever come across as being cynical…. sorry. Still, it's true where BW is concerned these days, so… will leave it up)

Ah well. Hype hype hype, and all of it counts, I suppose. Gets the name out there again, and that's all that matters, eh?
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