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January 26th, 2013, 15:21
Except that Wrath of Khan made perfect sense, had a fantastic villain and stayed absolutely true to the characters and Trek as a whole.

The new Star Trek had a pathetic villain with all the personality of a soft rock, a completely non-sensical plot involving "Red Matter", obnoxious main characters, a Kirk that drove a "stick vehicle" almost to his death over a cliff for no reason except as a typical Hollywood introductionary scene, a Spock that has an affair with Uhura, a Spock that meets Kirk by "accident" on the very planet Kirk is left on (by a super emotional Spock, if you can believe it), and it has the most ridiculous and crappy version of Scotty known to man. Oh, and that Scotty is on the EXACT same planet where Kirk accidentally meets Spock. Talk about your Abrams coincidences.

Stuff like that.

But, yeah, it was really just like Wrath of Khan beyond those little details and a dozen others.

Next time you watch it, try not turning off your brain - if you dare




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