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January 26th, 2013, 18:22
Zak - Oh yeah, the Sword had provided me many hours of "fantasy" feeling metal with Gods of the Earth and Age of Winters, makes me want to break out the dice and get rollin'.

Checking out Graveyard, never got into them.

I'm very happy for the retro-rock movement. Some people will get down on me for "labels", i have friends that bust my balls for labeling this or that. You know, "Why do you have to label everything, Sammy? Why cant you just listen to music, and take it for what it is?".

Because labels help us get what we want, they help define what we spend our money on. There's a difference between a horror movie and a romantic comedy, no? There's a stark difference between Slayer and Justin Bieber. I want to know that I'm buying a Slayer cd, and not the latest Nikki Minaj craps-terpiece.

Speaking of Slayer, they are just one of those classic bands that I abandoned long ago and have never invested anything more in them, yet they have a pretty extensive later catalog. The last cd I bought was "Divine Intervention", and it rocked, I played it to death, I never got anything else past that tho. I guess it was just the fact that I sort of delved into a lot of different musical styles at that time (I had just discovered 'industrial' music) and Slayer just got left behind. Thrash metal in general just got left behind.

Good 'ol Youtube, looks like their newer stuff is there, I'm curious. I'll have to check this out today:

Slayer - Diabolus In Musica [Full Album]

SLAYER (God Hates Us All Album Full )
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