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January 26th, 2013, 20:13
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
Just playing the game as it's meant to be played - with v-sync turned on, fixes it too.. there's a reason why they dont have on/off for v-sync in the options, it's supposed to be on.
Vsync helps immersion very much but sometimes introduces mouse input lag which some people find extremely annoying - especially those of us from an FPS background. Triple-buffering and maximum pre-buffered frames (or render ahead limit or something) are other settings to mess with when trying to fix input lag, though the latter can nuke framerate a fair bit and Skyrim wasn't terribly well-optimized the last time I looked.
Without the uberhardware to fix such problems you just have to choose why you're going to put your fist through the screen next time you die.
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