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January 26th, 2013, 21:34
I shut down all non-essential programs except for Firefox. Perhaps I should shut down Firefox, too? I use Task Manager to check how many resources Firefox uses while running in the background and the CPU and memory usage has been very low. Could it still be causing a problem?

I didn't do anything differently since installing the game and since the lag started. It was running perfectly with no lag for a few days, then it just started all of the sudden.

It does seem to be running better now that I got the old configuration tool and set it to Direct Draw, but there's still remnants of lag at times. I'm not sure what else to do, already reinstalled a few times trying to fix it. I'll try shutting down everything before I play and see if that helps. Thanks.

Edit - So far it's working pretty much lag-free with Firefox closed. Good sign. I'm going to try to switch back to Direct 3D to improve the performance and see if the lag happens when I'm running that mode.

Also, the game is much easier the second time through. Spots where I struggled before have become much easier. I know to use tactics now and try to lure enemies out by themselves rather than running head on into a large group. Elven Sight and Ranger Sight are extremely useful to scout the area. That makes a huge difference and I'm able to conserve a lot more potions that way, and I'm dying a lot less.

Also, food is very important. I love having a large stock on me whenever possible for when I get out of a tough battle and need to heal up.

Really having fun even this second run through. This is a very good game.
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