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January 26th, 2013, 22:35
Not sure if it was mentioned yet but now is a good time to make a decision on upgrading, since the upgrade price for Win 8 Pro will jump from $40 to $199 on Feb 1st.

I recently bought a tablet / convertible laptop PC which shipped with Windows 7. I did the $15 Win 8 upgrade and can say it definitely is worthwhile on a touchscreen PC - a much better touch experience than Windows 7. I'm uncertain if there is much benefit to non-touchscreen PCs though. The OS does feel a bit snappier maybe.

But basically, Windows 8 seems to be Windows 7 with an added layer of touch-optimized interface (which you can ignore with tweaks). So if you're still on XP it might be worth the upgrade, for the added benefits Windows 7 brought.

I'm still debating on upgrading my desktop Windows 7 machine - it doesn't have a touchscreen but I do use a Wacom tablet with it - which might work well with the metro interface.
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