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January 27th, 2013, 03:39
Originally Posted by GhanBuriGhan View Post
Now I probably fucked myself by having attacked the human at the fireplace at the start of the next level, lol. This is gonna be a looong game…
Hah, I did something similar with my first character when I accidentally attacked the merchant in the undead burg. That was an automatic restart…

Speaking of that human though, he's since disappeared in my current game.
I think he may have turned hostile on me for some strange reason in the New Londo Ruins awhile back. He had such a great dialogue closing line:
"Hmm, what is it now? I'm not up for chatting…leave me alone!"

In fact, the game has many such memorable parting dialogues, usually delivered with irony, a hint of wistfulness or even a touch of sadness.

The imprisoned blacksmith: "Keep your head on out there…you really help break up the monotony".

The crestfallen merchant: "Go on, go out and make something of yourself.
But nothing shall come of it…and I should know."
"You shall see…soon…yes, soon you shall see…the putrid fate we both share".
Diddledy high,
Diddledy low,
Come brave blood sheep,
You've a goodly way to go.
- Brilhasti Ap Tarj
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