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January 27th, 2013, 03:42
Sherwin, you held a conversation with what is universally known as an idiot. Squelch, move on.

As far as evasion goes, only three classes get evasion. Rogue (level 2) and Monk (level 2) and Ranger (level 9). Rogues can also take Improved Evasion with one of their bonus feats later on, usually taken as early as possible, and Monks get Improved Evasion at 9 naturally.

In Epic Destinies, running in Shadowdancer at level 5 gives you evasion as well, but for non-melee/ranged classes, this is a weak ED.

The problem is, as a Sorcerer you have very weak reflex saves. This is normal, Wizards have the same problem as well. However, Wizards can take a feat called Insightful Reflexes, which uses their INT score for their Reflex save instead of DEX. Both my Wizards and my Artificer has this feat, as increasing saves is one of the best things you can do.

Try to slot in the best DEX item you can as well as a Resistance item as high as you can. At your level, you can add a whole 8 to your Reflex, and 5 to all others. A useful armor suffix is Superior Stability, which for characters of True Neutral alignment grants +6 to AC and all saves. Later, if you ever TR or create another Sorcerer, a Half-Elf can go Paladin Dilettante for free essentially, netting them up to +5 to all saves from their CHA score. My Bard, Mirys, uses that Dilettante, and has high 30's to low 40's on all her saving throws.

About the only spell I rotate in besides what you listed is Stoneskin, which is basically free HP. Combined with Displacement and Haste, arcanes can be tough little critters. Then there is Rage, which is +2 STR and CON, for more hp and +1 to Fortitude saves.

There is an obscure build called the Tukaw that uses Evasion as a Sorc. It's a 16Sorc, 2 Rogue or Monk, 2 Paladin. This is a rare use of Paladin as a splash that works. They are usually Warforged, thus self-healing, and it is a melee-type arcane knight build. Paladin 2 gives them Divine Grace, which adds the CHA modifier to all saves, Rogue or Monk for evasion, and either skills or feats, and 16 Sorc for Reconstruct, Stoneskin, Displacement, Haste, Rage, etc… I've seen several very effective ones, including those who could tank back in the day. It's fallen out of favor here recently though, since U14.

When you reach 1,900,000 xp, you hit level 20. Since we can level now past that, any xp you gain, even as a 19, will be applied toward 21. Even for quests not 20+ (which you cannot do because you're not 20+.) However, you cannot choose an Epic Destiny until you take level 20.

Dte, call the police and press charges against the kids who did it. Then call the local news media and get them involved, let the entire community know that the school administration condones and supported the attack. Then call a lawyer.
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