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January 27th, 2013, 03:43
Originally Posted by Drithius View Post
The recent Star Trek movie was a major deviation from what Roddenberry had always pushed in ST: a philosophical and hopeful outlook on the future, layered in sci-fi.
his utopian talky future removed conflict and was a complete yawner. its the reason he got fired from TNG and control was given to Rick Berman. ICYDK, though Shatner get's the writing credit for the 5th movie, he stole it. It was Rodenberry's original plot for for a ST Movie - he (or at least his ghost writer) admits this in ST Movie Memories. DG Fontana was the real brains behind TOS.

Originally Posted by ToddMcF2002 View Post
You guys are crazy. Star Trek was DOA for ages. The movies were marginal to decent except for the first two. Wrath of Khan in terms of pacing, tone and action content screamed JJ Abrams. For Meyers it was the best film of his career.

although the 4th one was great because it was a real fish out of water story, a major deviation from the usual direction, a chance for the actors to show their individual talents without Shatner trying to steal their thunder, and could be related to by non-ST fans. It was also the start of Nimoy's very successful directing career.

Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
a Kirk that drove a "stick vehicle" almost to his death over a cliff for no reason except as a typical Hollywood introductionary scene,
character establishment - remember the speech Pike gave Kirk that they lost something when Senior Officers jump first and ask questions later.

More importantly, they are basing Kirk more on the real life personality of Shatner himself who has done stunts like this. Shatner did a lot of his own stunts until he nearly lost his hearing during on an set explosion. He rode his motorcycle everywhere back then and is still into riding his horses.

a Spock that has an affair with Uhura, a Spock that meets Kirk by "accident" on the very planet Kirk is left on (by a super emotional Spock, if you can believe it),
Uhura's affection for Spock in TOS is obvious and as the token woman she seems to be the only that sees there's more to Spock than just logic.

and it has the most ridiculous and crappy version of Scotty known to man.
Simon Pegg was great!

Oh, and that Scotty is on the EXACT same planet where Kirk accidentally meets Spock. Talk about your Abrams coincidences.
I agree - I thought that was odd. You can't get away with that in modern stories.

Stuff like that.

But, yeah, it was really just like Wrath of Khan beyond those little details and a dozen others.

Next time you watch it, try not turning off your brain - if you dare
Speaking of Wrath of Khan, you didn't think the cloud battle was a visual nod to the movie? Or the scene where we see the Enterprise flew upside down like the the ship was originally supposed to look, or the red matter globes looking a lot like the blood in Undiscovered Country, or any of the other dozen tributes to TOS like Pike in wheelchair?

I'll have to shut my brain off too on the next one so I don't notice these things either.
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