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January 27th, 2013, 17:59
Wow Fluent - you blew this topic up - good job

Still want a give a shout out to the Might And Magic's 6,7 &8. I had so much fun with 7 last week, I jumped into 8 and didn't go to bed till 3:00am (I only need 4 hours).

As far as the Gothic - I would start with Gothic 2. It has normal game controls but has the same great game experience. Then after you're hooked on the Gothic world playing Gothic 1 will literally be like going in a time machine. Some of the closed off villages in Gothic 2 are full fledged towns in Gothic 1. I wish more games were made with that deliberate intention.

Just to add some history - Gothic 1 came out the same time as Morrowwind. There were huge fanboy fights at the time about which game was the better. I sided with Morrowwind at the time and poo poohed the silly Gothic one with its ridiculous controls and inferior graphics. The fanboy fights actually made me afraid to play Gothic 1. Anyways during an RPG lull I picked up Gothic 2. And even while playing it it became my favorite RPG of all time. I soon thereafter played Gothic 1. And yes it was wonky and Morrowind does trump Gothic 1, But Gothic 2 for the win.

Two things really impressed me about the early Gothic worlds. A singular skeletin can kick your early level butt, so can a pair of woves. And when you out run an enemy they will just quit - I gothic 2 they will even call you names for running away. Compare that to most games where once you engage an enemy you stay engaged. I had an enemy chase me in and out of a house in Ovlivion even though you had to reload the game when you went from the interiour to the exterior.

As far as what i call Div Div. (Divine Divinity), I commend you for an excellent choice. Div Div is in my top 5 RPGs of all time. And there are not too many game soundtracks you will hear that will top that score. Great music, great game play and a great game. I actually had the Div Div music on many of my computers for years. However, that early dungeon did keep me out of the game for about a year. But the forum effect was so great I just drudged through it.
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