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January 28th, 2013, 01:32
People have different motivations. Why do you care how I spend my money?

I can think of at least three different reasons why I might preorder and I'm sure there are others.

1) This is an insignificant amount of money to me. Preordering gets it out of the way and possibly lets me preload, so I can play as soon as possible, if this was a title I really wanted to play. It releases next next - $24.95 extra in my account for one week is going to make absolutely no difference to anything - I'm not going to get any measurable extra interest at my end. What do I care if Steam makes a little interest? (and it is a little)

2) I have sometimes gotten better prices. When they first release a game for preorder they sometimes forget to apply the regional pricing. I preordered Skyrim on Steam for ~$50 but later they remembered to make it $89.99 for Australians.

3) If it wasn't a trival amount for someone, it might help their budgeting. If they really wanted to play it and just got paid, someone might buy it this week rather than next week when they don't get paid.

I'm sure there are others.
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