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January 28th, 2013, 01:52
I had read a lot on this forum (or was it on RPGDot at the time?) about Gothic 1 right after it came out, so I picked it up. I installed it, ran down a hill, couldn't figure out the controls, and gave up. I had other games I could play, so I set it down for a few months at least. One night I decided to install it again and try, since it was still getting a lot of love from the forum. I got frustrated again, but stuck through it, and soon decided that the controls were actually pretty intuitive. Im glad I stuck with it as it became my favorite all-time game. Very cool and still one of the best "living worlds" I have run across. Great game and highly recommended. The inventory system could be better, but its not a game breaker by any means (I think Divine Divinity has a much worse inventory system)

I thought the story in G2 was pretty boring, at least as far as I played it. The running around from farm to farm got dull. I got to Chapter 2 with the vanilla game, and by the time I got the NotR add on, I didn't have the intestinal fortitude to go back through the entire 1st chapter again. I recently reinstalled it again, so maybe Ill give it another whirl. I also have G3 sitting here, and finally have a PC that can run it
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