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Default Wasteland 2 - Interview with Brian Fargo @ Wasteland Chronicles

January 28th, 2013, 02:11
Russian Fansite Wasteland Chronicles has talked with Brian Fargo about Kickstarter, clones & adaptations, and also about some of the games he's helped on their way e.g. Shattered Steel and Descent. A quote from the inteview about this:
In 1992, you actually brought into the industry Ayman Adham and Mike Morhaime, who later took the name Blizzard Entertainment. Whom else of your "students" can you be proud of?

I knew Ayman when he was just a kid and I always knew those guys had the goods. I am also proud that we gave Ray and Greg their first contract with Shattered Steel and despite it not selling well we gave them another shot with Baldur's Gate. I also gave Treyarch their first contract with Die By the Sword and Volition their first project with Descent. I have always tried to keep an eye out for talent. It's nice to see the Indie scene emerging the way it is.
More information.
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