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January 28th, 2013, 02:51
Fallout 3 was a bit unbalanced. Fallout: NV did a much better job.

That said; no matter how oldschool I am, I never found a water system that I considered fun. If I go back to games like Black Crypt, Water was pretty much about finding and clicking fountains once in awhile, but it was a rather pointless as a game mechanic. Consider instead "vitae" (blood) in Vampire: The Masquerade. Vitae is interesting since you must hunt it and you can use it. Consider "mana". Mana is interesting, yet again because you can use it. Consider "food" in Fallout NV; food actually give more than just saturation. But the only "water" system I have ever seen in games have been a dropping numerical value that needs an occasional refill and that's it. It gets tedious quickly and as far as I concern it only derails the game. It's not realistic either because when the clock go by as fast as it does you drink much more in player time than you do in reality but actually drinking and acquiring the stuff takes the same amount of time as in reality. That way you end up feeling you have to drink all the time.
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