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January 28th, 2013, 10:27
The article misses a point, a big one: Skyrim.

Skyrim was a huge effort to try to give survival a meaning, with food, sleep being given meaning. Food was not supposed to be that half boosting system. Befriending an NPC to get a bed to sleep was not supposed to be an ornmental gimmick etc

Fall out settings make it easier as the food shortage is global. Due to exhaustion of the environment, the economy shrunk accordingly. And scarcity wide spread.

But it does not change the central demand: for a game to engage in survival in decent way, NPCs have to relate to the environment the same way the PC is.

NPCs must be able to fulfill their needs by collecting from the environment so they can exhaust the environment by themselves.

This comes with technical constraints that Skyrim showed Bethesda is far from solving. Very, very far.

So called RPGers are about to discover that while they insisted for the resources of a game developpment to allocate to non essential features like the combat system, the progression system or the story, essential features were ignored due to the lack of resources allocated to them.

With the economic crisis going on, and resources diminishing, it is a pipe dream to think that the developpers can tackle issues they did not when they had unlimited means.

Hopefully, for RPGers, the other genres are in the same conditions. But as they had their priority right, they are now going for non essential features like story, a progression system etc All the so called RPG elements.

More so called RPGs to come.
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