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January 28th, 2013, 14:53
Just to say a few words totally unnecessary, but I feel like it.
Originally Posted by wolfgrimdark View Post
- Smoothest install for an OS I ever have done. Not only did everything run out of the box (except skyrim) but it properly found all the drivers for all my hardware - something windows 7 couldn't do and I had to have drivers on disk for. It also found updates for my video and sound drivers that matched. I popped in the DVD, ran set up, selected some options and I was ready to go in about 45 minutes (not counting patches afterwards).
- Fast. Boot up times was incredibly fast compared to windows 7. Most programs also started much faster. Photoshop, Adobe Pro, Dreamweaver CS6, full Office - all ran quickly and smoothly.
- Customizable once you find your way around. There is an app to make a "start" menu if you really want it. I just created my own toolbar instead. Ignoring metro I just worked on the desktop.
- I'm unsure what machine you're talking about, but in my case win7 detected and installed ALL drivers on ALL machines I've encountered so far except a fingerprint device "noone uses" driver for some ASUS motherboard. Solution is (was) simple, buy cheap software called Driver Genius and voila - not only it detects and installs the missing driver, it also installs latest drivers for all devices. Win8 is a new OS, in a few months I bet you'll need Driver Genius on it too as Microsoft's online driver base doesn't contain everything as it's not Microsoft who makes drivers.
- I've said in my previous post that Win8 boots faster than Win7. But I've also said that my next hardware to buy is SSD. Means what? Means I won't care for speed as on SSD even the slowest OS would run fast. It's true that SSD is not cheap currently, but it's still cheaper than upgrading to win8.
- There are thousands of "enable classic start scheme" apps out there. Why is that in PROS? It should be in CONS as instead of putting that as an integrated shell, a customer has to bother with it.

Originally Posted by wolfgrimdark View Post
- metro aspects a waste on a PC
- couldn't run Skyrim
- Not wasted on all machines, but on machines without touchpad/touchboard or whatever. And those are currently majority, who'd buy an expensive touchboard instead of a cheap keyboard you can smash when frustrated with… With… I know:
- Skyrim. You should find some other software to test OS with. Skyrim should have been named Bugrym and to be honest I've lost all hopes Bethesda will eventually patch it properly. Skyrim definetly does not belong to win8 CONS as Microsoft is not to be blamed for that bug-o-rama game.

Originally Posted by Myrkrel View Post
Clearly, touchscreens are the future of computing - Star Trek says so.
As I've said, the problem is the price. Cheap keyboard you can throw into someone's head or expensive touchpad you need to be careful with, what would you buy?

Star Trek world economy can't be applied to RL yet as it's not like current ours one: "produce as much junk as you can, sell it cheaper than quality stuff and kill quality with quantity".
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