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January 28th, 2013, 17:59
Ivan Ertlov who works on the project comments via Facebook on the GameStar news:
That the complexity and the ruleset itself stays the same, but that they are thinking about changing the random factor which the old Game System had (like D&D there were several iterations of the DSA Rule System and the old one used to work with lots of dice rolls, while the new one found in Drakensang has a fixed amount of points needed for a skill increase).
However he also states that for now this is speculation and not set in stone yet.

The german press statement says that besides of the graphics there are writers and developers are working on it (which might mean that additional content is added or that existing content is changed with their help)

The english statement says "a complete overhaul of every aspect" which doesn't really contradict that. Though both statements aren't precise in what they are actually doing. And the only things which "stay" absolutely the same are the Charme and Complexity which is quite abstract.

About the Release Date: The German statement says that there was a contract made for the whole trilogy. And that "it will start" in Q2 2013.
The English statement does not contradict that but only makes statements about the first part of the trilogy which will be released in Q2 2013 (with the last part only visible in the summary of the statement but not in the statement itself).
The News on GameStar.de also reads that the first part of the Trilogy will be released Q2 2013.
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