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January 28th, 2013, 19:03
Yay, I just bought something!

Hehe. Hubby and kid will have to live on water and dried fish for the next few months, but I finally gave in to one of my darker desires and bought

THIS: Yes, I actually spent the money.

Why did I do this?
1) Because I'm mean.
2) Because I can.
3) Because I wanted to.
4) Because I couldn't resist his charms.
5) Because there's still some space on the video shelf.
6) Because with the green outfit and red hair, he perfectly complements the other two on the shelf.
7) Because he comes with two heads, and it's always nice to have some spares … especially in this case, mind you. To play this for full effect, I'll probably have to make a Yoda sock puppet, though.
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