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January 29th, 2013, 02:34
Originally Posted by Igor View Post
Still I am not sure if they best make the first part and not just start with the second?
It pretty much depends on what you want from an RPG. The first part had tons of dungeons and towns/ a bigger map than the other both parts, it was much more "sandboxy".

The second game limited it quite a bit. Only a couple of cities left, but more detailed.

The third part however (from which I think it was the weakest though it was still good) had an almost completely linear design like RPGs are mostly done nowadays.

Originally Posted by EvilManagedCare View Post
Hopefully they will overhaul just the music & graphics. Please oh please leave the combat turn based and isometric. This is my absolute favorite CRPG series so I'm excited to see more.
I don't know which version you played and what music it had.
The first two parts were initially released on 3,5" discs and then later re-released as a CD Version during the time when they used to burn high quality audio tracks directly on the CD.
So the new versions already had improved music. And I guess I'd rather keep these ones.

If you want to check out a playlist with the CD Quality music of the old games:
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