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January 29th, 2013, 10:12
Two other points that the article fails to include concerning survival:

- It is now typical from so called RPGers to expect the following pattern: struggle at start until you grow into the most potent creature in the gameworld. It does not fit the survival theme. Players wont accept to struggle all the game and/or organize themselves to reduce the survival burden.

-scripted story: players want it all about the scripted story. It comes with one major demand: plot advancement. The plot must be advanced. Sooner or later, the survival based gameplay will put itself in the way of the plot advancement. The game will be reported as sucking because players are not free to advance the plot to their wishes.

For an AAA studio, working on such developpments is going to be really hard. KS projects might be a solution but the issue is that they will be operated with much less means.

Here's the situation: AAA studios had the means but their customers wanted them to focus on secondary features in the genre.
KS starters might want to explore the direction but will lack the resources to deliver on their ambitions.

Could have dreamed a better situation.
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