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January 29th, 2013, 11:00
Originally Posted by Roq View Post
What CT should have done is to have gone for a full blown attempt to make the Kings and Castles RTS
I would have thrown money at that. I really enjoyed the blog series he did for it and the game-play of it looked fun (reminded me of some WarCraft 3 custom maps I'd played).
It's a shame that game disappeared - although, in that Matt Chat he does mention that they spent 1.5 mil on it but really needed 6 mil to finish/make it good so I guess that's a bit of a stretch for kickstarter.

I'm somewhat interested in Wildman so will probably pledge for a digital copy since I don't care for extra bits and pieces. It's a shame the kickstarter has gone the way it has because I think all this crying over a lost studio/friends/whatever else has soured a lot of peoples' opinions of the kickstarter - although I'm not sure those people would have pledged anyway but bad PR is bad PR.
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