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January 29th, 2013, 14:37
Originally Posted by azarhal View Post
You realize that F2P mean "cash shop" right? It also sometimes have "initial box price" tagged on it too.
Yes I'm talking about them not making another single player game. Crytek's CEO has already stated that is the future of all there games after Crysis 3.
After completing its current contracts for traditional boxed products, such as Crysis 3, Homefront 2 and Ryse, all Crytek games will be free to play.

Crytek Kiev's multiplayer FPS Warface is the first example of this. In the future, all Crytek games will employ a similar model, supported by Crytek's social gaming platform GFACE.

"As we were developing console games we knew, very clearly, that the future is online and free-to-play," Yerli said.

"Right now we are in the transitional phase of our company, transitioning from packaged goods games into an entirely free-to-play experience.

"What this entails is that our future, all the new games that we're working on, as well new projects, new platforms and technologies, are designed around free-to-play and online, with the highest quality development."

Yerli insisted that Crytek's F2P games will be triple-A - with appropriate development budgets of $10 million to $30 million.

He added: "I think this is a new breed of games that has to happen to change the landscape, and be the most user-friendly business model."
Basically just more F2P MMO's with big budgets. That doesn't sound appealing to me at all.
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