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January 29th, 2013, 16:10
There are two NPC's that will join you on your adventures. One is a wizard that will be found as a random encounter as you wander the town. The second is a warrior that is in the bordello. Just go into his room and walk over his sprite. He'll start a brief battle with you but will end it when you do enough damage to him. He'll realize the hooker robbed him. When you have the wizard, you'll want to avoid a certain inn that caters to goblins as it will trigger a battle you can't win at low levels. One you hit level 4 or so, go back.

Ok, general tips:

Create the full party of 6 unless you want a harder game. You'll need two fighter types and a priest. The rest is up to you. Rogues are not really required in the first scenario, at least for lock picking duties. After messing around with several parties, I ended up with a Crusader (Paladin), Fighter, Sorcerer, Enchanter, Cardinal (more magical priest), and Priest. The Crusader will be a nice healing backup in the latter part of the game, so you could easily swap out the Cardinal for a rogue, minstrel, assassin, or whatever. A party of 5 warriors and a priest to heal them would also work okay. I like mages

Rolling characters: Vitality and Brawn are important for everyone! Brawn regulates how much you carry and whether you can hit at all with melee weapons. I wouldn't accept any roll that has less than 15 Brawn for anyone. For me, this limited me from taking the small races. My party is heavily dwarven because they make good warriors and priests. They are slow and get only one attack at low levels, but it nearly always hits. Many races will have more than one attack but if they never connect what good is it? If you're planning on playing all scenarios humans can max all stats at 25 eventually. They're the only race that can. Both my enchanter and my sorcerer have Brawn in the teens. This allows them to carry more loot and actually hit with weapons when they're out of mana. Vitality is hit points. Anything over 15 gets added 1 hp/level/point at level up. A wimpy mage with 20 vitality will average 6-8 hitpoints on levelup versus 1-4. Knowledge for your mages should be as high as you can roll, same with Judgement for Priest-types. Agility determines when you'll attack in a round. You'll want good agility for melee types and perhaps poor agility for your priest, so they can heal whoever took the worst beating in the round.

Save often. Why? When you level up the stats are random. You might get 4 spell points on one roll and 27 the next. You'll want to be able to go back and refight any battle. You can look at xp to see when you should save. XP goes from a negative to zero each level. You might start with -5000 and at zero you will level up and then go to -7500 for the next level, etc.

Go to the general store and buy rope. It'll be useful very early in the game. I'd buy two as there is one other place in the game where a rope is an option. Oil flasks can be thrown by characters who can't use other ranged weapons. You can see who can use what in the description of an item. At the bottom is a "who can use this" type of button.

There is a hidden book somewhere. You will need to use discover magic and the encounter button to find it. This book will raise judgement for one priest. Here is a cheat for this encounter

If you want easier fights, get someone who can summon creatures and summon away. Unlike most games, summoned creatures stay with you till they're killed! They're just like any other NPC.

Unless there is a spell casting enemy, stay grouped together in the early battle. This allows the cleric, who should be in the middle of your group, to reach anyone who is wounded badly. It also stops you from being flanked as badly. Put your tanks on the corners, not necessarily spots 1 and 6 in the party order.
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