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January 30th, 2013, 00:07
Great tips, man. I was able to gain some much needed experience fighting in the places you recommended. I will be going back there to hopefully level up everyone to level 2 and then tackling the other areas.

What do you think of my party?
Orc Beserker
Human Battlemage
Human Warlock
Dwarf Priest
Pixie Rogue

My Pixie Rogue is pretty useless, but I'm keeping her around for picking locks and stuff. I'm wondering if I shouldn't ditch her, though. She can't carry anything and her attacks always miss. My Battlemage misses a lot too. Seems like my Beserker is the only one who can kill stuff efficiently, along with the Warlock.

I'm thinking of adding a 6th party member, an Elf Fencer. What do you think of the experience bonus, though? Having 6 party members will mean the EXP bonus goes to something like 66%. Does that make a big difference or should I not worry about that?
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