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January 30th, 2013, 17:11
I just reinstalled Win8 on my PC last night. I had forgotten to activate it a while back (I had installed it on a seperate partition to check it out) and I had to activate the Media Pack by tomorrow or pay $15 in the future for it.

I realized something though when I was thinking about downloaing one of the startmenu restoration apps: I don't need it. I haven't used the start menu (outside of finding something obscure) in years. I've been using 7Stacks and stack all my icons into groups on the taskbar. I actually hate using the start menu!

But rather than try to get 7stacks setup , the start screen should do just fine, I just need to tweek it to work the same way (IE having a group icon like Games or Media that opens up another screen with the app icons). As much as I loved 7Stacks, it always had a short lag on my machine first opening the stack. The start screen has no such lag. I will ahve to see how much I can tweak the appear of the start screen itself and the icons it displays though. Looks like I have my weekend plans!

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