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January 30th, 2013, 19:56
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
What is Kings and Castles about? If they really wanted to make it, then they should have kickstarted it first.
Kings and Castles was going to be a full scale RTS game, the next step on from Supreme Commander, but in a fantasy world.

What Chris Taylor said was that this was too expensive a project to get funding on Kickstarter, figures in the region of $10m needed to make it. The problem is though that I and many others, I think, don't want to contribute (at least not very much) on Kickstarter to projects that are just make work to keep the developers in business. We are looking for passion projects where the devs have vision and commitment to making something really great.

IMOP Chris Taylor should have taken a big roll of the dice and tried to make K&C. Then he could have got a lot more support. Some of the more advanced features of K&C might have been stretch goals or something. After all Chris Roberts has about $7m worth of funding for Star Citizens right now and likely that level of interest could attract even further investment.

The current campaign for "Wildman" appears half hearted and the devs hardly seem able to summon up the interest to release any sensible updates. I do notice, though, that the project gets a bit of impetus every time CT goes and online and spills his heart out. But really the kickstarter should be about the game not about Chris Taylor.
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