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January 30th, 2013, 21:45
I agree with bost responses so far on this thread.

The off topic belief that not voting does not give you the right to complain doesn't take into account that it may not be a result of apathy but convenient ignores that it may be a protest, usually of the system in general or the lack of a choice. The communists routinely tell people not to vote. "I will note not vote" as a protest doesn't usually work as I've seen except in Brewster's Millions.

Back on topic voting with your wallet doesn't always work. I wouldn't buy Dragon Age but they keep making the dumb things. People keep buying Dungeon Lords because they are at Walmart and by the cover it looks like a game people might want.

This article really doesn't make much sense until he starts to talk about it in the sense of Kickstart.
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