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January 30th, 2013, 20:50
Originally Posted by PetrusOctavianus View Post
How many beat "Mighty Mouse" and the Horror of 1000 Eyes in Wiz 7?
I did!
It was with a party with max 1 class change per member and at not particularly high levels (say, around 25 - 28).
Both encounters took many tries (Beast of 1000 Eyes especially) and in both faerie ninja was the only survivor (resulting in a major level discrepancy between him and the others ).
IIRC, my strategy for the mouse was something along armormelt, summons, ninja in shadows and counting on luck, Ive no idea about the Beast, except that each attempt was long, involved crapload of deaths/resurrecting, counting on luck and I probably had some bat necklaces equipped.
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