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January 30th, 2013, 23:17
Just a brief update: I took a diversion from the main game to punch out the Teeth of Naros expansion. That was a nice tight area with reminded me a bit of Night of the Raven. The textures and color palettes in the ruins are great. The creatures in that area are fun to fight and unique…. except the Silver Back Trolls, which can be tedious and there are quite a few of them. Good plot, very creative, loved the trapped dungeons.

Honestly my overall impressions are unchanged. It still feels like a single player MMO with a revised combat system. All the quests are trivial, MMO ish kill X number of Y, get whatever artifact at the end of instanced cave, or kill some creature. Wash rinse and repeat. I'm not bored with it but I'm not itching to play it either. Its a solid game, that's about it. I worry a bit about the 8-9 levels I progressed in the Teeth, and what that means in terms of the level 40 cap (I'm around 21 now). Levels are becoming more distanced which helps.

One final note on skills. There really isn't much to select surprisingly, at least for a fighter. I'm tapped out on what I can do with my longsword already, so I'm left with little to choose from other than other weapon types I don't intend to use and magic AOE softening stuff which I do use, but that is pretty much maxed at this point as well. Strangely limited. Other than that I keep pumping points into Alchemy, Smithing and lock picking but the drops aren't exactly epic. Everything I craft is better than drops or loot in chests. I only really need health potions and I've had that recipe for ages.

The game needs more depth but it is solid and fun.
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