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January 31st, 2013, 00:01
The skill tree is brilliant for a Ranger type build. You get a bunch of interesting passives that causes bleeding damage, poison, etc, as well as upgrading your bow quite a bit. I loved playing as a Ranger in Reckoning.

The Might tree is a bit bland I'd say. I didn't care for any of the skills in the Might tree, really. Just not very interesting. It was much more interesting to play a Might/Finesse hybrid with a focus on Finesse. Then the skill trees really shined.

I'd say the depth in Reckoning can be found more in the lore and dialog system. If you like talking to NPCs you can do a lot of that in Reckoning, and everyone has interesting things to say about the lore, the world, etc. I thought that type of thing had good depth.

I still don't see the MMO comparison, but maybe I just haven't played enough MMOs. Which MMOs exactly is Reckoning like? I guess graphically it looks similar to what I've seen of World of Warcraft, but Reckoning is much more beautiful. Gameplay is nothing like Warcraft.

I don't see how the quests were anything other than standard RPG fare. I thought they were well-written and served their purpose. Some of them were very interesting and sent you to beautiful locations. The guilds in Reckoning were phenomenal if you ask me. Those quests ranged from good to amazing, imo. House of Ballads, the Warsworn, Scholia Arcana, those guilds were very memorable.

Try Legend of Dead Kel, it was some of the best content I've ever played in an RPG. I really liked the characters, the setting, the quests, etc. It was done extremely well.

I dunno. I really think Reckoning was one of the best games I've ever played. I know that's saying a lot but it really was. I have played tons of RPGs and for some reason Reckoning really captivated me with it's gorgeous, vibrant world, interesting quests and stunning locations. The combat was pretty good, too . Easily a 10/10 for me.
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