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January 31st, 2013, 00:04
Originally Posted by DeepO View Post
I did!
It was with a party with max 1 class change per member and at not particularly high levels (say, around 25 - 28).
Both encounters took many tries (Beast of 1000 Eyes especially) and in both faerie ninja was the only survivor (resulting in a major level discrepancy between him and the others ).
IIRC, my strategy for the mouse was something along armormelt, summons, ninja in shadows and counting on luck, I´ve no idea about the Beast, except that each attempt was long, involved crapload of deaths/resurrecting, counting on luck and I probably had some bat necklaces equipped.

I don't remember my tactic against the mouse, but I did beat on first try with four of my guys ending up dead.
Against the Beast I succeeded when I realized Resurrection could be cast in combat. I finished the combat with four characters barelt alive. My guys were multiclassed and levels 28-36.

Originally Posted by Lucky Day View Post
one day I'm going to finish Wiz 7. Its such a shame that Wiz Gold is such a clunky interface.

Back in the day Wiz 7 was known for its faction system. I never got too much into replay and never got that far in the game. .
Avoid Wiz Gold like the plague. The Diplomacy doesn't work and the voice acting is some of the weakest I've heard.
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