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January 31st, 2013, 07:09
I played so much skyrim last year that I didn't realize how bad of a year it was for rpg's.

My top 3:

1. Game of thrones- probably not the best game on the list but the best game that felt most like a real RPG. The game was really good and I had never seen the show or read any books. I have now though.

2. Farcry 3-- this was probably my favorite game of the year. I gave the nod to GOT though because it was more of an RPG. Having said that though I think this game was better than any on the above list and more of an RPG than most of them. It's omission from the list is baffling.

3.Dishonored-- this one was tough I could very easily put XCOM or of orcs and men here.

I only played the demo of ME3 and risen 2.

ME 3 is a 3rd person cover shooter and seemed like no more of an rpg than spec ops: the line would be.

Risen 2's demo combat turned me off and I haven't tried it since the patch to fix it so I don't know where it would land on my list.

But really looking at RPG list I half expect to see black ops on next years list.
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