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January 31st, 2013, 13:59
If you wanna play MM7 the easiest way, go for Goblin/Dwarf Knight, Dwarf Thief, Elf Sorcerer, Human Cleric.. this is almost purely based on the stats you can put when you're creating party, but also some end game items which can only be weared by one or the other class

Reason for Knight - HP, Armor, melee dps/tank .. NOTHING else
Reson for Thief - Disarm Trap (chests) .. Nothing more, nothing less! (ofc perception is good as well)
Reson for Wizard - A MUST HAVE, if you wanna complete easily. Invisibility, Fly, Town Portal, Feather Fall + Jump and Water Walk early game.. (Shrap Metal if you go dark)
Reason for Cleric - MERCHANT!, Heal and Shrap Metal if going dark.

Those are the easiest choises if you wanna complete the game.. you can try the other classes or go 4x 1 class, which will be alot harder, but this is the main class choise.

If you want tips on how to get gold, early fly/invisibility and cliff walking to get early game chests, just PM me

Lvl 3 wizard FTW !!! fly you bitches
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