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January 31st, 2013, 14:09
Originally Posted by Drithius View Post
Having abandoned my notion of starting up Morrowind (Skyrim is so boring! I just can't take anymore TES right now), I've been planning my return to the M&M series.

Probably close to 10 years back, I played through (most of) M&M VI; I want to try something entirely new, so I've been slowly trying to pick a party for my virgin run through M&M VII.

What do you guys think of:

Knight Thief Cleric Sorceror (strong but this just seems so mundane a makeup!)
Monk Thief Cleric Sorceror
Knight Monk Cleric Archer
(seems like it would be fun but I'm worried about no Lloyd's Beacon and only expert Disarm)
Well first of all Lloyd's Beacon is a waste of money and never used ! The Disarm part i agree with you.. atleast Master is needed.. Though you can "bug" the game and survive with 1-10 hp with 1 character when getting hit by a master trap chest with only expert disarm.. try switching the character who opens the chest and reload some times.. might help

BUT! i like your monk class, it rox, though it isn't the easiest way to complete the game.. but having a Cleric and Knight as well is noobish (sry to say).. go for Monk, Archer, Druid and Paladin.. then you have little tank, lots of utilities and no GM Merchant or Shrap Metal.. Still the Archer gives you master fly and master invisibilty and Town Portal and the Druid can give you usefull permanent stats when GM Alchemy

And btw, Knight Thief, Cleric, Wizard isn't just strong.. it's the easiest way to complete the game, therefor the best team composition you can get
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