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January 31st, 2013, 17:36
Originally Posted by rune_74 View Post
on these very boards we go on about how sad it was for Piranha bytes dev to die of cancer, I'm pretty sure many of you wouldn't feel the same way for the Dr's. This is definitely bizarro world.
Projection much? Why you constantly feel the need to address the entire website as if it's some kind of collective with this victimised tone is what's bizarre.
I suggest you get some perspective and try to see people as individuals rather than continue to build this strange generalised fantasy you appear to have.

One simple measurement I often bear in mind when considering how much Bioware have changed is the depth and challenge of their combat encounters; particularly when it comes to dragons. Dragon Age at least for me, just doesn't compare well when it comes to Baldur's Gate II, mechanically and tactically.
The intensity of the fights with the many majesetic dragons from BG2 have stuck with me over the years, whereas I struggle to really remember too many from Dragon Age or any of their other games post-KotOR. It might seem a simple observation, but I think it's certainly a minor indicator of the nature of change at Bioware over the years.

Regardless of my musings, all the best to Mr Zeschuk in his chosen future endeavours and many thanks for the good times spent with your games!
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