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January 31st, 2013, 17:52
One thing new players will NEED to learn… is the importance of moving or activating certain objects in the game world to uncover assorted secrets. I found a new room in the old dungeon I was on the way out of by extinguishing a torch (hey!), and there were a wealth of cool items under chairs, chests, wooden boards and heavy rocks (among other places)…
That actually sounds very cool amid the torrent of exploration-oriented RPGs that fail to fully appreciate the joys of the simple 'Easter egg hunt.'

One thing I'm confused with about this game is that after watching some youtube videos of it as well as reading some editorial quotes on the developer's home page as well as on other gaming sites they read as if the game has alraedy been released. Was this game released in prior years and now getting some kind of facelift or has it just been in beta for a really long time and is going to be released officially for the first time soon? What's the status of this game?
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