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January 31st, 2013, 22:31
BG2, which is hailed ny almost all os us as an example of a very good rpg were wide criticized back in the days (1998 or 1999?) for doing away with 1) exploration in BG1 2) railroading the player experience in hubs and 3) irritating characters (Imoen and Jaheira, anyone….). And Jade Empire still has a small, but very loyal fanbase.

Even Dragon Age: Origins were criticized a bit - or a lot - e.g. the Fade portion and the Deep Roads in this game felt, to many players, including me, way too long.

Let me be clear about this: I much prefer the Bioware games of today than the ones of yesteryear e.g. Neverwinter Nights, Knights of the Old Republic and so on and so forth. The characters in the Mass Effect 2 and ME3 games are much better written than in ony other Bioware games out there, let alone in any other games out there. (The Witcher games as the exception, of course…) The story in DA2 is much much better than in most other games, and the story is also way better than most gamers say it is: It tells a story of a human who by way of his or her own accomplishments goes from rags to riches. The sidekicks, ehm, I mean npcs, e.g. the followers, are some of the best written ones, I've seen in a videogame - ever.

The point of alle this is to say this:
When BG2 was released there was an uproar in the Bioware community, when Jade Empire was announced, there was an uproad, when Mass Effect was annonuced, Bioware got a lot of flack for this, when DA: Origins was annonced, not so much. But when it was released…….. every Bioware game has seen its share of criticism.

My educated guess is this; criticism will always follow in the wake of the Bioware games.
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