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February 1st, 2013, 03:52
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
I started a new test run today with a Pyromancer.

Not too impressed with the fireball spell. It's powerful, but the range sucks, and it takes way too long to cast. I can already see it would be useless in boss battles if your opponent has any kind of speed, and I'm guessing most of them do.

I beat the black knight in the Undead Burg on my first try with him though. I just hit him with 4 or 5 fireballs from a rooftop and then finished him with melee. I'm not looking forward to trying to beat him with a melee only character.
Well done, it took me 3 trials to kill him. Take his sword, it is one of the best swords that you can use (if you have enough strength and stamina).

I also agree about the fireball spells. However, once you "free the pyromancer", you will be able to upgrade them and buy additional variations of pyromancy. So keep the pyromancy handy - he said!
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