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February 1st, 2013, 11:36
Good job, mate. See, I knew your skills would be up to the task.

Thanks largely to DeepO's tips, I made it to the sparsely remote and alien beauty of Ash Lake.

Wandered around for a bit and just contemplated why Dark Souls is a worthy gaming experience. It's certainly well and truly filled my extra summer gaming time, which unfortunately is fast drawing to an end.

From the exploration, its moody landscapes, the quasi-existential angst of its inhabitants and the singular wanderer, to the combat itself and the rituals involved in preparing for bosses. Whilst it's not a style of game I could play all the time, I've really had a fondly grand time with it. Yet there is still seemingly so much left to explore. I'm not done just yet. The DLC areas appear quite open and remind me a little of the Darkroot Garden/Basin only expanded.

I also finally explored the Painting World of Ariamas, but decided in the end to let the boss live at its conclusion. Interesting to see if there are any consequences for doing this.
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