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February 1st, 2013, 12:01
We just got our toons flagged, but didn't run SoS. We can surely do it tomorrow.

The group will be KarlPeter (paladin level 25), Mirys (bard level 24), Brialle (favored soul level 24), Testovina (rogue 23), Sherwinsorc (sorcerer level 19). That is 5 people.

Then we have Botdu (cleric level 23?) and Corwindd (wizard level 22) or Reywindd (ranger level 19).

That means 7 people. So we might have to split the groups or run the SoS group before the regular group start time.

Can anyone show up 1 hour early for the SoS run? The main toon for running is Sherwinsorc since we're doing it to help him get his sovereign runes. So we have to run when he can join.

I propose we run on elite so we increase the chance for the runes to drop. We need a pretty balanced group to do it on elite despite having level 25's in the group.

Is the quest defined as a raid so we can't use hirelings?
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