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Default Schnauzer down! Pet emergency @ Sammy's =(

February 2nd, 2013, 01:22
So I'm driving home this morning from my expedition to Los Angeles, and my wife calls me, kinda freaking out. Our mini schnauzer Lucy is dragging her left rear leg behind her and whimpering. No traumatic event, no injury occurred, she just woke up from the evening's slumber and is suddenly lame and in apparent pain. I tell her to take her to Pet ER, and hit the gas pedal hard. A quick google search brings up horrible things, as well as horrible solutions.

Here we are 700$ and a normal Xray, normal bloodwork, and examination later with no definitive answers as to what's happened to Lu. She's laying here, whimpering, trembling, and drugged up on Tramadol (I'm feeling like I need to pop one too!). They pretty much told us to keep her on painkillers and hope for the best. To say the least, we are very distraught. Mind you I didnt even want a dog (much less a puppy), but my wife begged and pleaded until I bought her and soon enough she became a huge part of our lives. I cannot fathom life without Lucy trotting up to me every day when i come home, and at 3 years old I was sure this was not something we'd be thinking about for at least a decade.

Has anyone else dealt w/ this sort of circumstance before, a dog suddenly going lame for no reason? Me and her were bouncing around playing yesterday, I saw no indication or anything awry.

One possible explanation is fibrocartilaginous embolism. It seems unlikely, but ominously enough there's a pic of a mini schnauzer (which looks exactly like Lu) on that page…
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