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February 2nd, 2013, 02:32
Well, I'm still not getting it. I'm finding the grinding is just boring. I don't have a real problem with the difficulty. It's hard for sure but if you just take your time and be very careful I find I don't die too much.

My problem is I still do die a couple times from regular enemies ( usually by pressing the wrong button which makes it more frustrating)and have to start back at the bonfire and slowly work my way back. I will most definitely die repeated times at a boss until I learn the pattern and will have to go back to the bonfire and slowly work my way back. Then when I'm not dying I have to go back to the bonfire and level up resetting all the enemies and slowly work my way back.

Replaying the same areas that many times is burning me out. They should at least let you level up without going to the bonfire. I suppose then you wouldn't be able to grind enough to get strong enough for the monsters ahead. It just seems there is no way to play other than play the same areas and fight the same monsters over and over again.

Unless I'm missing something? Please tell me.

Sorry I should have put this in the other dark souls thread probably.
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