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February 2nd, 2013, 04:39
Played a half hour or so tonight.

Pretty cool game you got here. My only complaint would be the lag in character movement when you press the mouse/button on the keyboard. I click where I want him to go and there's a slight lag. Made running away from a horde of red ants when I was near death pretty difficult. I did adapt after awhile though, but for starting players the movement will take some getting used to.

Overall though, I've seen very little of it, but what I saw I liked. Keep up the good work. I look forward to playing more.

Edit - Played more. I'm not too crazy about the instant respawns. I went a little to the east of the starting town and encountered some tough enemies, when I tried to run away from them I ran smack into ants which I had already cleared a few minutes prior. I mean, it's not terrible, but again, takes some getting used to. It seems like backtracking or running away from battle to survive is not really a valid option because you'll run into enemies who respawned that you already killed.

I take it I'm not supposed to be in this forest yet though, right? One person told me I shouldn't go alone and another said I needed training and skills before venturing out. So I'm going to try another direction and see if it's a bit easier.
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